Edwards Tutoring Intl.

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Recognized for success in teaching by the Who's Who among American Teachers (September, 2002)

About Us

Since 1995 our organization has helped over 3,000 students. Our founder Mr. P.G. Edwards has been teaching over 24 years and is a highly qualified mathematics teacher. He acquired his first degree in industrial technology from the University of Technology in Jamacia. He then moved to London, England and taught for 12 years; while working he obtained his Masters Degree (MA) in education. Mr. Edwards moved to the United States to work at Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory and is now currently working with Broward County as a mathematics teacher. While teaching he attended Nova Southeastern University where he studied at a Masters level in Education Leadership. Mr. Edwards has a wide array of experiences in working with diverse students and this is one of the unique factors of our organization.

Staff & Tutors

Our staff is also highly qualified, highly motivated, and very passionate in helping children to raise their standards. Building student's "Mind and Character" is another unique factor in our organization.


At Edwards Tutoring, communication is the key. We make sure to speak with parents about their child's progress and provide communication forms to be given to teachers when needed. We also ask that you please let us know about any issues happening in school that may affect the student's performance.

Staff Selection

The dedicated staff of Edwards Tutoring is carefully selected, not only on their academic qualifications, but on their ability to motivate their students. Tutors must love children as much (or more) than teaching and should always remind students that their parents believe in them, and that tutoring is an investment in their future. All of our tutors exemplify more than good study habits; they build respect, honesty, and perseverance in every student they teach.