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Learning a New Language

Edwards Tutoring helps children of nearly any age to learn and develop their linguistic skills, not only in English, but other languages as well. We conduct French lessons and Spanish lessons that cover both reading and writing. Regardless of your child's ability and skills, we will find the perfect pace and technique for your child to learn. 

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Foreign Language Courses

Take the difficulty out of learning a new language with our Spanish and French tutoring. Edwards Tutoring provides these lessons in the form of academic and non-academic classes. Academic study is offered on a one-on-one basis, while non-academic study can be done in a group or alone—whichever is preferable.

No matter which learning style is right for your child, you can expect him or her to learn the fundamentals of the language they are studying. Understanding and comprehension are then built as we move from level one to level two of the language instruction. Naturally, we will also target any areas that we notice are giving the student trouble.